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About Us

 Our mobile app— Hobbylu--- is a hobby class Finder platform—that connects hobby class trainers with end users interested in learning a new skill. We endeavour to provide Hpbby Classes for Everyone. Currently we are present in Hyderabad.

The app helps connect hobby trainers with enthusiastic learners in categories such as Fitness, Cookery, Sports, Art and Craft, Dance, Instrumental,  Soft Skils, Beauty, among others.   

Special Features of the App:
- Geo-Location Search
- Single Tap Connect with Hobby Providers
- Real time class booking
- Intuitive Search
- Smartly Filter Search
- Large network of Hobby Trainers

 Our Team

Founder - Pratibha Rathore

A Media and Communications professional having 20-years of work experience, she started her entrepreneurial journey as Founder of Hobbylu - a location based mobile platform that simplifies hobby discovery and enables class bookings.

Pratibha believes, “Hobbylu is a holistic solution - The product is designed as a package for the entire family - kids, mother, father, grandparents, anyone can take up a hobby anytime – learn or teach. As my vision evolved – I could clearly see a link between entrepreneurship and hobbies.”

We started product development last year. By December our product was ready for a roll out. We spent last few months getting trainers on board. We have validated the product ata few big events in Hyderabad. The response has been wonderful from trainers and users alike. Currently we are aggressively creating awareness among users through events, promotional activities, marketing and alliances. “

Co-Founder – Dhirendra Surve


Dhirendra is a Marketing Professional has worked across geographies globally ( India, SE Asia & Africa ) with 30+ years in Distribution, Sales, Franchising and Marketing in FMCG & Telecom.

An early stage investor in Social Entrepreneurship projects his endeavour is to combine the reach of technology with “feet on the ground” approach for best results and successful implementation. His leadership style is “Situational” & can take on the mantle of: Director, Collaborator & Analyzer depending on the need.

“I got interested in Pratibha’s concept because of the huge social implications it has in terms of nurturing entrepreneurship and provide a platform to “people with skills and talents” in a hyperlocal ecosystem. All these people can generate a decent income with minimum expenditure and in their own locality. This is an unorganised and fragmented market and our endeavour Hobbylu – the Hobby Discovery Platform is aimed at organising this space. Pratibha is very enthusiastic and enterprising lady who has done wonders in Hyderabad. “