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Hobbylu Launches Make Women Stronger Campaign
By Team Hobbylu

Hobbylu, the largest hobby discovery platform, launches an eight weeks long - “Make Women Strong” - campaign under which it will provide free martial arts workshop for women and children in urban localities and schools within the twin city, in a move to support and applaud Hyderabad Police SHE Team’s run and commemorate International Women’s day.

The initiative is aimed at creating awareness regarding women safety and child abuse. Under the Make Women Strong campaign, for a two-month period (March-April 2017), Hobbylu will conduct self-defence workshops in shortlisted communities, reaching out to 20,000-30,000 women and children.

As part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, Hobbylu aims to equip women and children across various communities identified within the twin city with self defence techniques through free martial art camps, thereby empower women and children to safeguard themselves.

“Women and child safety is a major cause for concern in our society today and we want women to make good use of technology for personal safety. We applaud Hyderabad’s She Team’s initiative to create awareness about personal safety. To support this cause, we are launching Make Women Strong campaign that will provide free martial arts workshops for women and children,” announced Pratibha Rathore, Founder, Hobbylu, hobby discovery platform.

Hobbylu is a location based hobby discovery platform that enables hobby class discovery and class booking instantly. Currently the mobile application lists over 150 martial art trainers.

“Technology is a great leveler. Hobbylu wants women to make smart use of technology by finding and booking martial arts classes nearest to them through our hobby discovery platform on real time basis,” opined Dhirendra Surve, Cofounder, Hobbylu.


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